Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My responses to Proverbs 31 OBS Week 2

So I have been asked to share some truths about my life.

  • I love being a stay at home mom.
  • I love my husband more today than the day I married him.
  • I struggle with keeping a consistent quiet time.
  • I struggle with turning over control to God in many areas but especially when it comes to my children. I so want to make their lives perfect and pain free. I want to control their circumstances. That has gotten harder as they have gotten older, and now one of my biggest struggles is stepping back and allowing my 17 year old to make his own decisions...and mistakes. 
  • I pray and pray and pray, but when God's timing isn't mine, I get frustrated. 
  • I almost made a huge mistake today. We have a great neighborhood with lots of little girls, but my daughter and 3 others tend to do stay the nights very regularly. Tonight she found out one was spending the night at the others and she was not invited. She was sad. I wanted to fix it. I know if I called the mom and told her the situation, my daughter would be invited. I was hurting so much for my daughter. I know nothing was done out of malice, but the result was the same. Then another little girl came over and asked my daughter to spend the night with her. As she was getting her stuff together, I tried to make a life lesson. "See? Sometimes when we are so sad that one thing doesn't happen, we have to realize that God might have something else planned for us." Then these jewels of wisdom came out of my little girl's mouth. "Oh, I am not upset about that. It is okay for them to spend time together without me. I have no reason to be jealous. I know we are best friends, too." So, who got the life lesson? Me. I do thank God that I didn't  take that bottle of ketchup I had borrowed over to that house just to see if an invitation would be extended. My goodness. See? Major control issues. But I am trying!
Well, there are some truths for you. I am sure there are many more I could share, but I will stop there for tonight. 

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